What To Eat On The Paleo Diet

paleo-dietBeing healthy is one of people’s desiderates, but not everyone knows how to take care of their health. Illness can come in many shapes and forms, and it’s extremely important to be able to prevent it as much as you possibly can.

This being said, scientists, doctors and nutritionists have discovered a new formula for keeping yourself healthier for a longer period of time. This is called The Paleo Diet and it’s wonderful because it helps you get back to your roots – it helps you understand why some foods are better for your organisms and why others are bad.

This diet is trying to take you a little back in time, when people were eating healthier food, this making them live longer and better. Some say that this diet is trying to emulate the food that our ancestors were eating – meaning mostly natural products.

Paleo Diet comes from “paleolithic” diet, and back in those times, there were no processed foods. When you design a meal plan, think about all those products that are natural. This means that you have to take the best out of any diet plan, and adapt it to your own possibilities. There is no right or wrong diet plan, as long as you still get to eat what it’s needed and your organism What-Is-a-Paleo-Dietfeels great about it. You can have a low-carb diet, which can be high in animal food, or you can choose a high-carb diet, but rich in plants. This is just a guideline, as there are no strict rules for keeping this diet, and you can always adapt it to your own liking.

What it’s definitely important for you to remember is that long before our times there were no illnesses like obesity, heart diseases or diabetes. If you’re wondering why, the answer is “their diet”. It’s said that you are whatever you eat, so let’s see what foods are adequate for keeping your health through the Paleo Diet.

Basic Knowledge

When you think in paleo terms, keep in mind that what you can eat is something from this list: fish and sea food, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, spices and herbs, healthy oils and fats, which can be found in a wide sort of exotic fruits.

Specialists also use the term “grass produced meats”, meaning that you can eat meat coming from animals that are having a diet based 100% on grass – some might call it a bio production on meat.

What you need to avoid is this – all the foods that are processed, soft drinks and sugar, dairy products, grains and legumes, anything that is related to artificial sweeteners, margarine and vegetable oils and trans fats.

What Is Good To Eat

d2-1When you choose meats, you can go for lamb – which is absolutely amazing, doesn’t smell at all and it’s easy to cook, beef or chicken, or something else that you like. The seafood section can be represented by any fish that you can catch – going fishing is the best option in this case, even if not all of you are successful or have the patience. However, eat trout or salmon, shrimps, shellfish or any other fish that you like. Make sure it’s fresh and buy it only from stores that bring it alive.

If you prefer vegetables, you have a wide option – you can have kale, broccoli, onions peppers, and tomatoes, anything that you can think of. A salad made out of a few vegetables is a great natural meal and it’s one of the representatives of the Paleo Diet. You can add any spice and herb that you like, based on your preferences and tastes, and you can even replace your usual meal with such a salad.

Fruits are also at your choice, and you can have anything that you like – bananas, oranges, pears, apples, kiwi and a lot of others. If you can’t eat them raw, make smoothies out of them. Cut them into small pieces and place them in the blender. Just add a little water and a tablespoon of honey if you want your smoothie sweeter. Don’t add sugar or artificial sweetener.

Talking about smoothies, you can also add seeds and nuts there. The walnuts or the macadamia nuts are going great in the smoothies, and they are rich in different substances that your body needs. Make sure they are not salted when you use them, as this can totally change the taste.

What You Need to Avoid at all Costs

When you want to keep the Paleo Diet, remember that you have to eat ONLY natural products. However, there is a big list of products that are simply not good for you.

beans-global-sourcingHere goes the sugar and anything that is enriched with it, like the candies, the ice cream, the soft drinks like soda or cola, the pastry products and others. Grains are also forbidden – remember that there was no bread during the Paleolithic age, so avoid pasta, bread, barley and other similar products. One of the main reasons for this is that 99% of the bread that you find in the stores is not natural – most of its components are processed – the grain is treated with chemicals and the rest of the products are also “enriched” with artificial substances.

The beans or the lentils are also to avoid, and anything else that falls into the legumes category.

As much as you possibly can, avoid the vegetable oils – don’t use sunflower or soybean oil when you cook. Of course, you also need to avoid the artificial sweeteners and the processed foods. Anything that you see wrapped up in a sealed pack should be raising some question marks for you, and if you’ll check the label you will see that the ingredients are not only weird, but you won’t understand about half of them.

What You Can Eat If You Really Want To

Chocolate parts

Wine is considered to be an indulgence, so you can have a glass of red wine from time to time. This is because the red wine is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. The same goes for the dark chocolate, as long as you choose one that has more than 70% of cocoa content.

Basically, this diet is all about eating natural. As long as you eat clean ingredients, foods that are not processed and foods that are naturally found in your environment, it’s possible to say that you are on your way to a healthier and longer life.